Hike the Coastal Walk

Bouddi Coastal Walk is an epic 8-kilometre hike from here to Putty Beach.

Take in the incredible ocean views along the way, and you can swim at Maitland Bay, a beautiful hidden beach.

The walk is easy for the most part but is strenuous in one section because you have to walk up and down hills.

To access the walk from the beach, follow Marine Parade and climb the stairs between houses 85 and 87. follow the path and turn left onto Macmaster Parade – the track begins at the end of the road.

A secluded cove in Bouddi National Park, Little Beach is a relaxing spot to chill in the afternoon and have a picnic.

Little Beach is also a campground with barbeque facilities and non-flush toilets.

You can get to Little Beach via two walking tracks: The Coastal Walk and Little Beach trail.

The Coastal Walk starts from the end of Macmaster Parade in Macmasters Beach. It's 1.7 km from here to Little Beach and it takes about 30 minutes.

The Little Beach trail starts from Grahame Drive in Macmasters Beach. It's the quickest way to Little Beach – a 750-metre stroll along a fire trail.

If you like mountain biking, there are trails nearby in Bouddi National Park.

The 10-kilometre Bouddi Ridge Explorer is the longest mountain biking trail. It combines many smaller courses, including the Strom loop, Rocky Point trail, MacMasters Ridge trail and Dayleys Point trail.

To get there, park your car at Maitland Bay Information Centre at 174 The Scenic Road and start riding the Strom loop.

The 5 Lands Walk is a stunning 10-kilometre walk that starts at Macmasters Beach and traverses 5 beaches: Macmasters Beach, Copacabana Beach, Avoca Beach, North Avoca Beach and Terrigal Beach.

This event happens every year on the Saturday closest to the winter solstice.  Thousands of people participate, and you can see whales from several locations.

Shuttle buses circulate between the beaches all day.